[mythtv] Re: Patch: Latest Audio Patch

Ed Wildgoose lists at wildgooses.com
Thu Nov 11 08:19:40 UTC 2004

>Nice work Ed. Though I have problems running mythmusic after applying
>this patch. Or is it just me?

Hmm, interesting.  David's patch did have some code which removed 
volumecontrol.cpp from the code and stopped it being compiled.  I 
thought I had reverted that part of the patch though?

It's a temporary state though because I am half way through removing the 
mythmusic audio output layer and making it go direct to the main myth 
output layer (it means moving in a little of the visualisation code into 
the core, although I hope this might prove useful later with audio only 
tv channels...)

If you want to check for a botch up from me, then diff the 
lib/libmyth/libmyth.pro file and revert anything relating to 
volumecontrol.cpp/h and check those files exist in the same dir.  Remake 
and install the main myth core and then recheck mythmusic works ok.

Thanks for the report

Ed W

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