[mythtv] Patch: Latest Audio Patch

Ed Wildgoose lists at wildgooses.com
Wed Nov 10 08:25:03 UTC 2004

David George wrote:

> On 11/09/2004 09:32 AM, Ed Wildgoose wrote:
>> [David I reverted one small part of your patch which tried to do 
>> something clever with the "volume_multiplier" in the volume_base.cpp 
>> code.  I think this should live in audiooutputalsa.cpp if you still 
>> want it?]
> I just finished testing this latest patch against CVS as of this 
> evening and everything looks/sounds good here.  Using an Intel ICH4 
> with Alsa 1.0.7rc2 (don't have much time right now to test other Alsa 
> versions).
> Also, it would appear that the volume_range_multiplier I had in 
> AdjustCurrentVolume may no longer be needed.  No matter what I tried I 
> couldn't make it get stuck on a certain volume.  It behaved exactly as 
> it should.

Great news.  Well, this is just cursory testing of course, but at least 
it's good to hear that it applies and compiles cleanly against CVS.  I 
think this means that patch is now good to go

Could we please get this committed to CVS now? 


Ed W

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