[mythtv] mythrecipe

Geoffrey Hausheer mythtv0368 at phracturedblue.com
Wed Nov 10 04:07:16 UTC 2004

On Tue, 9 Nov 2004 21:22:29 -0500, Christopher Flynn wrote:
> > Actually, the best option would be to be able to retrieve both carbs
> > and fat content per serving (high quantities of fat delay carb
> > absorption).  Anyhow, as I said, if there is anything I can do from an
> > implementation perspective, let me know.
> Well this information should be in the USDA information and initially
> we would probably set it up like recipezaar.com with an option to view
> all nutritional information. However unless you are familiar with c++
> and mythtv plugins, just watch the dev list and offer suggestions like
> you have and possibly test things when we start moving with it.

Considering that I wrote mythtranscode, and lot of the
recording-profiles stuff,  I'd say I have sufficient c++ and myth
knowledge (and commit access).  I wouldn't have offered my services
otherwise.  But as ya'll have thought this through a lot more than I
have, I'd rather not step on anyone's toes.

Using the USDA info should meet my needs (that is a great link by the
way).  And as far as adding an 'Atkins' category, I disagree that you
should decide what other people may or may not want to do based on
your personal nutrion beliefs (and while it is likely bad for you
liver and muscle mass, the Atkins diet will work if you stay on it for
similar reasons why poor diabetes management can lead to starvation
regardless of how much food one eats).  Sorry for being so preachy on
the subject, I won't do it again.

As I said, if you need more manpower when you start implementation, let me know.


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