[mythtv] [EXPerimental PATCH] BIG DVB PATCH V1.1

Steve Berryman steve at object4.net
Tue Nov 9 00:26:42 UTC 2004

On Mon, 2004-11-08 at 19:17 -0500, Taylor Jacob wrote:
> Quoting Steve Berryman <steve at object4.net>:
> > OK i have tried the patch and it all compiled fine. when i am scanning
> > for channels it gets a lock but then hangs. the output on the terminal
> > is as follows:
> <snip>
> > Table 02 loaded
> > 2004-11-08 23:32:48 SIParser: ERROR: PMap Timeout in PMT Stage!
> > is that PMAp Timeout bad? i guess it cant be good!!
, because this option isn't working..
> So in answer to your question its probbably not bad.. Just means it couldn't get
> all the PMTs it thought it needed (but really doesn't) in the long term.. Thats
> probbably why it hung up since the service add currently stalls until all the
> PMTs are loaded.. (Although I thought it should have kept on after the 10
> second PMT timeout)..

ok after leaving it going it does get this:

2004-11-09 00:20:28 SIParser: ERROR: PMap Timeout in PMT Stage!
2004-11-09 00:20:55 SIParser: ERROR: Transport Search Timeout
2004-11-09 00:20:55 SIScan: Updating Transports
2004-11-09 00:20:55 SIScan: Transport Update Complete
select dvb_tid from dvb_transport where sourceid = 1
2004-11-09 00:20:55 SIScan: Unable to find any transports for sourceId

and it doesnt get any channels... should it? im not a programming person
unfortunatly (well i get by on some things but not complicated stuff
like this!) so i guess i will just have to be patient for 1.2!

Steve Berryman <steve at object4.net>

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