[mythtv] [EXPerimental PATCH] BIG DVB PATCH V1.1

Taylor Jacob rtjacob at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 6 04:35:29 UTC 2004

> The scanning of non-network FTA stuff does indeed work!  I can now
> successfully scan Galaxy 10R and retrieve a service listing and have the
> channels loaded.  Great work!!!!    Also, no more window freezing with
> the signal levels....

Glad to hear it..

> I have a motor, with GOTO X (where X is a predefined location from 01-50
> (or so) that I stored previously).  I also have a switch that selects

I may be mixing terminology I need to check the STAB website again to see what
they call USALS/DiSEqC 1.3.. In myth I called DiSEqC 1.2 Positioner (I am
positive this one is right) the motor with the 50 stored locations.. When you
set your dvb card to be connected to one of those you get "Virtual Inputs" on
the input selections screen.. This is a bit counterintitive at first, but it
allows for more complex setups (1 fixed dish at one source, and 1 motorized
dish that includes other sources as well as the fixed dishes source), etc..
You just need to map the input to DiSEqC Motor Position X for each stored
position.. I don't have the motor positioning setup code written, and I don't
know when I will.. Probbably best to plan on using an IRD or anotehr app to
store the positions if they aren't already stored in the motor..

The 1.3 settings (I called this Goto X) moves the dish based on your current
Lat/Lon and the satellites longitude.. By the next release I should make your
earth location be added to the database, but for now its hard coded in the
code.. (I meant to put a note on the website).. You can go in and edit
lib/libmythtv/dvbdiseqc.cpp and change the Lat/Lon (In GotoAngular() to your
location right now its 35.8, -78.8 since thats where i live).. The same thing
goes here for mapping satellite to an input source, just you need to set the
Position field to the satellite location.. Say -87.0 for AMC3, or -123.0 for
Galaxy10R.. The math has one fixed value that I am sure is an approximation (I
cut and pasted the EQ from rotor-0.6 from VDR).. I am pretty sure this is the
correction for Latitude offsets so if your motor supports this let me know how
it works, since the one constant im not sure how it will work..

> either of my LNBs (Linear, Circular).  I'm trying to configure it so
> that I can point to a satellite, select one of my switch inputs, then
> setup a transport frequency/pol/sr and then do a scan on the channels
> page, but I can't seem to set that up in the GUI?

I haven't added support for switch & motors YET.. Its not too difficult to do,
but I haven't done it.. I will eventually set it up to support Motor Behind
Switch (I need to see if this will work, btu I see no reason in the diseqc
specs why it won't), and motor in front of switch (I know this works)..
If its something you are interested in then I will try to add it sooner than
later.. Maybe even 4 way switch->motor -> 2 way switch.. Who knows.. We will

> If that part of code isn't finished, then no problem, take your time, I
> don't want to sound demanding.  I greatly appreciate your work thus far.
>  I just wanted to ask to make sure I wasn't missing something with my
> understanding of how the DVB GUI setup goes....

Well when you are one of a few people giving feedback it makes it easier to
decide what needs working on, since there is a large list of things to work


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