[mythtv] [EXPerimental PATCH] BIG DVB PATCH V1.1

Endaf Jones jonese at zener.com
Sat Nov 6 02:39:54 UTC 2004

Taylor / John,

I've been playing around with your latest incarnation.

The scanning of non-network FTA stuff does indeed work!  I can now 
successfully scan Galaxy 10R and retrieve a service listing and have the 
channels loaded.  Great work!!!!    Also, no more window freezing with 
the signal levels....

I've started looking into the positioner part.  But, I'm kinda not 
getting how the current schema works.

I have a motor, with GOTO X (where X is a predefined location from 01-50 
(or so) that I stored previously).  I also have a switch that selects 
either of my LNBs (Linear, Circular).  I'm trying to configure it so 
that I can point to a satellite, select one of my switch inputs, then 
setup a transport frequency/pol/sr and then do a scan on the channels 
page, but I can't seem to set that up in the GUI?

If that part of code isn't finished, then no problem, take your time, I 
don't want to sound demanding.  I greatly appreciate your work thus far. 
 I just wanted to ask to make sure I wasn't missing something with my 
understanding of how the DVB GUI setup goes....

# Endaf

Taylor Jacob wrote:

> John and I have fixed all the bugs that have shown up in the V1 
> patch.  I have
> placed it on my website again.. I look forward to your feedback..
> http://www.digitalregime.com/mythdvb/
> Taylor
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