[mythtv] [i18n] Chinese Translations

Oscar Carlsson webmaster at trekotor.se
Fri Nov 5 00:05:41 UTC 2004

Charles Chan wrote, On 2004-11-04 20:27:
> I am working on a Chinese translation. I don't have CVS access, so I
> am attaching the modified files. The language code is "ZH".
> Btw, I do have a question: How do I distinguish between Traditional
> Chinese and Simplified Chinese in MythTV? When the full locale name is
> used, the 2 letter country code is appended to the end (e.g. zh_TW and
> zh_CN) and we can use that to decide which Chinese to display. MythTV
> seems to only care about the language part but not the country part.
> The translation I have done is for Traditional Chinese.

First of all you need to send your stuff as diffs, not complete files. 
Diff against CVS.

If this is a new translation you also need to add Traditional Chinese to 

Don't know about the other stuff.


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