[mythtv] [Experimental PATCH] BIG DVB PATCH V1

Taylor Jacob rtjacob at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 2 03:50:40 UTC 2004

> Thank you for the prompt reply.  I was originally pointing to AMC3, but
> I'm a little too far North (51N) with my 90cm dish to get a reliable
> signal (PBS SDTV was okay, but PBS HDTV was breaking up).

I have noticed the same thing with a good strong signal at 35N, but I have only
tried with Myth so I don't know if its a signal issue or a myth issue..

> Anyone know a easy way (command line maybe?) to issue a DiSEqC motor
> command to move to position? Would save me jumping into Windows just to
> move the dish....

I added in some code to szap to do this for testing..

>  2004-11-01 19:38:44 SIScan: Updating Services
>  Service Table Version number: 12
>  N: 1  T: 4  CURTID: 4
>  2004-11-01 19:38:44 SIScan: Error determing DVB_TID this service table
> is associated with so failing

For this I am in the middle of making this work.. You can do two things here..
1. go into mysql and run
Update dvb_transport set networkid=1,transportid=1 where dvb_tid=4;
(set the networkid and transportid to 1 and 4 for this transport)
or just wait for me to get another patch out and try it out then.. Since you
manually added hte transport the all important networkid and transportid never
got input.. Once again an oversight, but this is only patch 1.. It did happen
to pick up the stations available on that transport (i glanced at lyngsat)..

> I will do a backtrace (as soon as I figure how how?)  I was able stop
> the scan before the error pops up if I hit finish after it appears to be
> finished scanning.

Its well doucmented on the mythtv website, so look there..  I also think my
cohort John showed where it was earlier..


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