[mythtv] Some bugs (0.15)

Dan Morphis dan at milkcarton.com
Fri May 21 22:38:33 EDT 2004

I'll add a couple I've been storing in the back of my noggin for a while:

On the Playback Recording screen, if you press Info, then choose 
"Delete", the semi-translucent background which dims everything but the 
pop up goes away.

On the TV - > Schedule Recordings screen, if you choose Program Guide 
and then hit "6" to move to the Program Finder, it works fine.  You can 
even hit "4" and go back to the Program Guide.  However, if you 
initially choose Program Finder, and this hit "4" to go to the Program 
Guide, it dumps you back to the Schedule Recordings screen. 

Those are the only two I've noticed.


Bruce Markey wrote:

> This seemed to work well last time so I'll try again. Here are
> some bug that I know of right now. I don't believe that any of
> these are critical but may nice to have them fixed if the
> solutions are low impact.
> The Recording Profiles wizard is currently too tall and pushes
> the buttons over the bottom edge. [See. These are easy. right? ;-]
> When watching a record in progress and the recording ends, forward
> seeks no longer work. The player should discover that the encoder is
> no longer available and switch to the recordedmarkup data.
> When paused, Right and Left are next frame and previous frame.
> However, the first step after pause will jump forward by the number
> of frames stored in the vbuffers. This is because framesPlayed is
> actually the last frame decoded and does not reflect the number of
> frames decoded and buffered and therefore does not reflect the last
> frame displayed.
> If returning to the playbox after watching a recording and a new
> recording has started since the last time the playbox was exposed, the
> highlighted item in the list box is off by one. However, the
> description area and exit popup are correct.
> On the Recording Priorities page, if an item is removed (set to "Do
> not record this program") the position index for the selected item
> will be confused. After an item is removed and you go to an options
> page, when you return to the list the selected item is one lower than
> it should be. After two items are removed, returning to the list moves
> the selection two items lower and so on.
> During seeks, playback sometimes jumps back to the beginning of the
> recording. If seeking in roughly the same spot again, the jump to the
> beginning may reoccur. I suspect this may be a result of positionMap
> entries with a file position value of 0. The seek code should probably
> check for a sane value, say greater than 2048, before
> seeking. Otherwise treat it as keyframe not found.
> There should be a simple checkbox in the Global Auto Expire Setting for
> the user to choose if they would like auto-expired items to be removed
> from oldrecorded.
> There is way too much going on on the advanced options screen and
> therefore it is not really usable. These issues should be resolved
> so that there will only need to be a single options page or a simple
> page with a button that exposes the more detailed options.
> After a recording completes, the encoder sends an "INSERT" statement
> to the database for each keyframe (even though this recordedmarkup
> data is updated every 15 seconds during the recording). One hour is
> 3600 inserts and on a remote slave, a three hour recording can take
> over a minute to complete the network traffic before it will begin the
> next back to back recording. Remote one hour back to back recordings
> usually have about a 17sec delay.
> --  bjm
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