[mythtv] Mythweb and Windows Media Player over Samba

Torbjörn Jansson torbjorn.jansson at mbox200.swipnet.se
Sat May 15 05:42:37 EDT 2004

>> Does seeking never work? Or is it just some files that you can't
>> seek in?
> I can't recall exactly, I'll check tonight.  It was definitely the
> norm, however I remember a few files that could seek, but then lost
> all sound when you did. 

That sounds like the bug if fixed a few versions ago.
When seeking the audio or video output threads woud exit when they shodn't.
The audio thread was more likely to exit, so mostly the audio died.
Seeking a few times to the same position usualy fixed it.

> I've updated my mythtv to cvs since the protocol change I believe
> so I won't be able to attempt to connect to the backend.

That shoud be fine.

> My backend is actually connected to my network with an 11g
> pci card.  My
> desktop is then attached to the wireless router with 100Mbps ethernet
> and was able to play off samba shares on the backend fairly well,
> but with
> some jumpyness.  Connected via the backend it was very
> smooth, however
> the interlacing was very annoying.  The laptop has built-in 11g and
> seems to have some problem connecting to the backend for some
> reason - it just
> sits there until I stop it.  Playing files from the samba
> share is very
> jumpy, worse than on the desktop. Of course the laptop has
> half of the
> bandwidth that the desktop has since the wireless network is in
> infrastruture mode.  Somehow I got it to connect to the
> backend once and
> only once and it played beautifully smooth though still with
> the interlace
> issues.  But I never got it to do it again and think that the problem
> must be with the laptop connecting to the linux machine.  When I
> connect to the samba share from windows I get an error that it isn't
> available, and then
> it shows the directory, so I think something may be setup
> wrong, but the
> mysql lookup doesn't seem to have any problems.

If you can't use the network filter, then the checkbox "Always open nuv
files from mythbackend" must be unchecked and you can't use myth:// and
mythlivetv: url's, but I gues you probably already figured that out.

The next version will most likely provide a lot smother playback when using
the network filter.

>> Deinterlacing shoud be done in another filter or by the player app.
>> The DScaler project ( http://sourceforge.net/projects/deinterlace )
>> is working on creating a directshow version of their deinterlacing
>> algorithms,they're only in cvs at the moment, but I'm looking
>> forward to testing them when it's ready.
>> I haven't looked any closer at how they work, but I think they might
>> be usefull.
> I looked at the DScaler project a few months ago and unfortunately
> it doesn't look like the directshow filters have been worked on for
> a couple of years in cvs.  Do you have any different information on
> it? 

You probably looked at the old filter, the one that doesn't work or atleast
not well.
I meant this one:

I have setup mythbackend to use the kerneldeint filter when recording, so
when I play the nuv files they are already deinterlaced.
But I guess if you use a pvr card that's not an option.

> Thanks,
> Bob

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