[mythtv] Mythweb and Windows Media Player over Samba

bobnvic at everestkc.net bobnvic at everestkc.net
Fri May 14 17:05:50 EDT 2004

Torbjörn Jansson wrote:
> mythtv-dev-bounces at mythtv.org <> wrote:
> > I've had the same problem with WMP on WinXP not allowing the 
> file to
> > seek with the recordings.  This is without backend support since I
> > still have problems getting that to work with my laptop, 
> although I
> > have had success with my desktop.  The laptop doesn't have
> > any problems
> > connecting to mysql to pull up the titles with the explorer
> > extensions though. 
> > 
> What kind of nuv file is this? mpeg2? Or mpeg4/rtjpeg?
> What version of the filters do you use?

The files are recorded with PVR-250 then transcoded to MPEG-4.  I
also have some recorded with a bttv card straight to MPEG-4.  I'm
using dsmyth v.61.

> Does seeking never work? Or is it just some files that you can't 
> seek in?

I can't recall exactly, I'll check tonight.  It was definitely the
norm, however I remember a few files that could seek, but then lost 
all sound when you did.

I've updated my mythtv to cvs since the protocol change I believe
so I won't be able to attempt to connect to the backend.

> I'll probably release a new verson of the filters for the cvs 
> version of
> mythtv soon.
> I have rewritten the buffering and fixed some bugs that affected 
> seekingpreformance, seeking is very fast now and the network 
> filter does read ahead
> so no more jumpy playback incase the backend computer decides to do
> something else for a short while.
> It woud be intresting to know how well the new code works with 
> wirelessnetworks.

My backend is actually connected to my network with an 11g pci card.  My
desktop is then attached to the wireless router with 100Mbps ethernet and
was able to play off samba shares on the backend fairly well, but with 
some jumpyness.  Connected via the backend it was very smooth, however 
the interlacing was very annoying.  The laptop has built-in 11g and seems
to have some problem connecting to the backend for some reason - it just 
sits there until I stop it.  Playing files from the samba share is very 
jumpy, worse than on the desktop. Of course the laptop has half of the 
bandwidth that the desktop has since the wireless network is in 
infrastruture mode.  Somehow I got it to connect to the backend once and
only once and it played beautifully smooth though still with the interlace
issues.  But I never got it to do it again and think that the problem must
be with the laptop connecting to the linux machine.  When I connect to the
samba share from windows I get an error that it isn't available, and then 
it shows the directory, so I think something may be setup wrong, but the 
mysql lookup doesn't seem to have any problems.

> > Does DSMYTH need to be updated to work with the latest cvs since the
> > protocol has now been bumped up to number 8 I believe?  Any chance
> > of including deinterlacing in the filter or is that solely the
> > responsibility of the player? 
> > 
> Yes, it needs to be updated.
> Deinterlacing shoud be done in another filter or by the player app.
> The DScaler project ( http://sourceforge.net/projects/deinterlace 
> ) is
> working on creating a directshow version of their deinterlacing 
> algorithms,they're only in cvs at the moment, but I'm looking 
> forward to testing them
> when it's ready.
> I haven't looked any closer at how they work, but I think they 
> might be
> usefull.

I looked at the DScaler project a few months ago and unfortunately
it doesn't look like the directshow filters have been worked on for
a couple of years in cvs.  Do you have any different information
on it?


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