[mythtv] Re: [mythtv-commits] mythtv commits

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Mon May 10 16:28:41 EDT 2004

Robert Kulagowski wrote:
>> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
>> Changes committed by bjm on Sun May  9 06:58:39 2004
>> Modified Files:
>>    in mythweb:
>>         program_detail.php scheduled_recordings.php    in 
>> mythweb/includes:
>>         mythbackend.php programs.php recordings.php Log Message:
>> Changes for myth proto version 8.
> Something seems to have broken.  When I run mythweb, I get this:
> Warning at /var/www/html/mw/scheduled_recordings.php, line 117:
> Cannot use a scalar value as an array

Current CVS for mythweb is broken with current CVS for MythTV.

There were two protocol changes this week. It had been at version
6 before the change to the overrides for version 7. David had
notified Chris ahead of time that there was a change coming that
would break mythweb. Due to schedules of volunteer work these
changes have not been addressed yet.

Adding the series and program IDs bumped the version to 8. I
thought I'd be a good citizen by getting these changes checked
in. In retrospect, I should have sent a patch to be applied
after the version 7 changes were made. It would still be broken
as of today but at least the error would be that the versions
are mis-matched.

--  bjm

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