[mythtv] [Committed] Your soundcard is not reporting free space correctly.]

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Mon Mar 29 18:00:54 EST 2004

Ann Patterson wrote:
> On Sat, 2004-03-27 at 17:08, Bruce Markey wrote:
> I've attached a new patch...does the same thing as the other one, except
> it has the suggested VERBOSE statement, and one other that will chime in
> when the card thinks it's full. When I was originally testing my
> changes, I was printing out all sorts of messages, but stripped out the
> messages before creating the patch, because it was spewing too much
> output. I didn't fully understand how the VERBOSE macro works. Thanks
> for explaining it.

Well, the "Waiting for space" certainly is verbose ;-) so I
added a VB_AUDIO and also converted a bunch of commented out
printfs. "-v audio" now gives lots of info about what is going
on in the audio loop. I also made the frag size message general
so everyone should see at least:

2004-03-29 14:05:26 Opening OSS audio device '/dev/dsp'.
2004-03-29 14:05:26 Audio fragment size: 4096

> I've also had a chance to test with a M-Audio Audiophile 2496
> (ice-1712), and it seems quite happy.

If those cards work, my cards work, and the ioctl is mandatory
then we should be okay unless there are driver bugs. Generally,
there is very little feedback for patches that haven't been
committed and at this point I don't expect anyone else to comment.

Isaac Richards wrote:
> Eh, good enough for me, then.  Can always revert it or add code to disable 
> it..  Bruce, would you mind applying it? =)

I'm thinkin' that if it does cause problems for a minority
of users, it could be a checkbox option on the audio setup
page. However, I don't think there needs to be another option
to consider until it proves to cause problems for at least some
people (which it may not).


--  bjm

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