[PATCH] Re: [Fwd: Re: [mythtv] Your soundcard is not reporting free space correctly.]

Ann Patterson annp322 at sbcglobal.net
Sun Mar 28 15:25:24 EST 2004

On Sat, 2004-03-27 at 17:08, Bruce Markey wrote:
> First, a couple suggestions (not criticism =).
> - You may have wanted to attach your patch on this message. I
> know you've sent it in other messages but it may have made
> sense to include it here too.

Sorry about that. I meant to... ;-)

> -  You might want to include a few VERBOSE statements to verify
> the fragment size or other info to help understand if the right
> things are happening. Tester could then run "mythfrontend -v playback"
> to see if they are getting sane values and such.
>         VERBOSE(VB_PLAYBACK, QString("Audio fragment_size: %1")
>                              .arg(fragment_size));

I've attached a new patch...does the same thing as the other one, except
it has the suggested VERBOSE statement, and one other that will chime in
when the card thinks it's full. When I was originally testing my
changes, I was printing out all sorts of messages, but stripped out the
messages before creating the patch, because it was spewing too much
output. I didn't fully understand how the VERBOSE macro works. Thanks
for explaining it.

> - Your comment that "I don't think it should hurt anything
> else" was honest but probably wasn't reassuring to the person
> who would receive hundreds of complaints if it did the wrong thing
> on other sound cards. I (and others) am probably remiss for not
> picking up on the fact that this isn't just a patch for M-Audio
> only but applies to all cards and needs sanity testing.

Indeed. My main concerns with other cards are testing 16 bit cards,
since I don't have one (thanks for doing the SB16's), and finding out if
any cards don't handle the ioctl for setting the fragsize correctly. The
OSS docs indicate that getting and setting the fragsize isn't an
optional capability (it *should* work), but you never know... 

> - While it may have been good to get a response sooner, you may
> want to check out "Good News / Bad News" on http://www.mythtv.org/
> for a better understanding of Issac's current priorities. His
> recent habits may not be typical of his behavior over the past
> two years.
> That said, I have been testing this afternoon and have found that
> this does fix a specific problem that I have been seeing.
<report on SB performance improvements snipped>
> So, I can't say that the ioctls won't give bogus results on some
> other cards or drivers or whatever but I can say this appears to
> be a big win for the SoundBlaster cards that I can test.
> --  bjm

Good news! Thanks so much for your help, Bruce.

I've also had a chance to test with a M-Audio Audiophile 2496
(ice-1712), and it seems quite happy.

Ann P.

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