[mythtv] [PATCH] 16:9 vertical stretch

steve at nexusuk.org steve at nexusuk.org
Sun Mar 28 12:30:42 EST 2004

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On Sun, 28 Mar 2004, Jon Read wrote:

> My JVC TV has "Regular" (4:3), "Full" (16:9), "Panoramic" (16:9 variable 
> stretch), "14:9 Zoom", "16:9 Zoom" and "16:9 Zoom (subtitled)" modes.

I've noticed a slight bug with Myth's aspect ratio handling:  It always 
uses the monitor's aspect ratio to determine the output ratio, even if the 
window isn't full screen.  So, my monitor's aspect ratio is 4:3 but I 
set Myth to run in a small 16:9 window in the corner of my desktop (hey, I 
like to watch music videos while I'm working :).  With Myth's aspect ratio 
set to 4:3 is fills the window (i.e. it displays the video at 16:9, which 
is wrong.  At 4:3 it should be leaving black bars down the side since the 
window has a 16:9 aspect).  If you set Myth to 16:9 then it shows the 
video really really wide as it stretches it as if the window was 4:3.

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