[mythtv] Restoring recordedmarkup table for old recordings after crash.

Bert Haverkamp lists at hccnet.nl
Mon Mar 22 16:03:29 EST 2004

Hello all,

I ran into some trouble while updating the kernel on my mythtv PVR.
It filled up my hardisk to 100% with a syslog, which in turn corrupted the 
recordedmarkup table in my mythconverg database. I emptied  the table, and 
now mythtv is running fine again.. 
However for the old recordings, things aren't so fine. I can't skip forward or 
backward in old recordings anymore, or at least not at a reasonable speed. 
Also setting cut-points for transcoding isn't working anymore. Is there a way 
to restore the entries for these older recordings in the recordedmarkup 
BTW, I am using the PVR 350 for recoding and viewing and the EPIA M6000, which 
might show some effect not seen on faster hardware.



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