[mythtv] 3 Bugs in PIP when using browse mode

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Sat Mar 27 03:37:31 EST 2004

> I have "Use browse mode by default" turned on, with my 2*PVR-250 master
> backend/main frontend.  Unfortunately, I can't change the channel in the
> PIP windows with it on.
> Sequence of events:
> a) Watch Live TV
> b) Hit "v" to enable PIP
> c) use arrow to find another channel to watch, then press enter to
> select it
> d) hit "b" to switch channel-changing focus
> Bug #1: the browse banner lists the channel on tuner 1 instead of tuner
> 2
> e) Select a channel and press enter
> Bug #2: There's no effect, and the EPG doesn't go away
> f) Hit Esc to remove browse screen
> Bug #3: It brings you back to the main TV menu

When I added the Browse mode functionality, I didn't code in the ability to
browse while using PIP, so these are really one big bug I think. :)  I just
committed a patch to CVS that hopefully will fix this and let you switch
back and forth between the PIP windows while still using browse mode.  I
can't test fully right now because my dev machine doesn't have 2 tuners and
I can't update my production system to CVS right now so they can't talk to
each other for me to test PIP in browse mode.  At the very least though my
change shouldn't break anything.  Can you give current CVS a shot and see
if that fixes the problems you were seeing?



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