[mythtv] 3 Bugs in PIP when using browse mode

Ian Forde ian at duckland.org
Fri Mar 26 04:49:37 EST 2004

Hi all -

I have "Use browse mode by default" turned on, with my 2*PVR-250 master
backend/main frontend.  Unfortunately, I can't change the channel in the
PIP windows with it on.

Sequence of events:
a) Watch Live TV
b) Hit "v" to enable PIP
c) use arrow to find another channel to watch, then press enter to
select it
d) hit "b" to switch channel-changing focus

Bug #1: the browse banner lists the channel on tuner 1 instead of tuner

e) Select a channel and press enter

Bug #2: There's no effect, and the EPG doesn't go away

f) Hit Esc to remove browse screen

Bug #3: It brings you back to the main TV menu

Background info.

I just replaced my WinTV 401 dbx card with a 2nd PVR-250 Freestyle in my
Master backend (which also happens to be my most-used frontend). 
Because of this I got a chance to do a little configuration tweaking.

I have 3 xmltv tuner feeds defined: Analog (2-82), Digital (160-504),
and Full (2-504).

Card #1 (PVR-250 Freestyle) uses the tuner input, with a coax cable feed
direct from a splitter.  Uses feed "Analog".

Card #2 (PVR-250 Freestyle) uses the tuner input, fed from my DCT-2000
box.  (I know, I know - use RCA cables instead.  I'll do that
tomorrow...)  Uses feed "Full".

Card #3 (M179) is in my slave backend, and isn't really relevant to this
posting.  Uses feed "Analog".

I switched to the Full feed from Digital on tuner 2 because the
channel-doubling Program Guide problem has been fixed (thanks for
that!).  Due to this, I should be able to watch channels 2-82 on both
card 1 and card 2 in PIP mode...

Any thoughts?


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