[mythtv] Reactivating recordings

Oscar Carlsson oscar.carlsson at home.se
Tue Mar 16 03:15:18 EST 2004

>> I  took  a  daily  recording  and disabled it (Fix scheduling conflicts -> Don't
>> record it).
>> Problem now is that it dissapears from the conflict resolution screen.

DE> You probably have the "Important" view set.  Switch to the "All" view to
DE> see everything.

Sorry, of course you're right.

>> Is that helpful?

DE> Not really.  I think you missed the point of reactivation.  It is only
DE> for programs that have already started, but aren't being recorded for
DE> some reason or another.  Normally, the scheduler won't reconsider
DE> recording a program after is has started.  Reactivation is a way to
DE> tell the scheduler to reconsider recording a program.

DE> Here are a couple of examples where reactivation can be used.

DE> You stop or delete a recording while it is in progress and then
DE> regret your decision.  You can reactivate that program and Myth will
DE> record the remaing part.

DE> You realize a program isn't being recorded because of conflicts.  You
DE> can stop recording one of the conflicting programs to free up a tuner
DE> and then reactivate the program you want to record.

DE> FYI, you'll should only see the "Reactivate it" button on the
DE> overrides screen when it is applicable, i.e. when that program would
DE> be in progress.

Right, sorry again :) I'll try check this out as well.

But  that  still doesn't answer what the difference between "Clear override" and
"Record it anyway" is?

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