[mythtv] 0.14 - FrontEnd Locks hard

Sean seanecovel at comcast.net
Mon Mar 15 12:27:35 EST 2004

I have a cron job that nightly stops mythbackend, stops mysql, unloads 
ivtv, then reloads ivtv, mysql, and mythbackend.  Perhaps I'm paranoid?  
The problem is I have a remote FrontEnd machine that is always on, and 
during the cron job loses its connection.  It doesn't reconnect when 
everything comes back up.  In the morning MythTV is up on the frontend 
with the "I lost the connection, hit OK" dialog up, but it won't respond 
to any input.  I have to ssh into the box and killall mythfrontend, and 
then start it up again.  This is not very wife friendly. ;-)


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