[mythtv] Another scheduler bug I think

Oscar Carlsson oscar.carlsson at home.se
Thu Mar 11 06:37:39 EST 2004

>>>Also  the  thing  with  not  beeing  able to toggle back a recording that's been
>>>canceled  made  this  evening a pita. All hell broke loose and I couldn't record
>> The ability to make the scheduler re-enable a recording has already
>> been discussed and I intend to add support for doing that.  The bigger
>> remaining issue is what should the user-inteface be like.  I'm very
>> open to suggestions.

BM> This may be something that ties into however you plan to do the
BM> overrides with Single attributes. It could be like overriding
BM> the canceled showing so there would be no need for any new
BM> user-interface.

BM> In the current interface, the override page for "S" has only a
BM> stopped message and an OK button. Maybe you could add a button
BM> to do the magic of re-enabling the recording.

That's  the  first  place I'd excpect to see a "Record anyway" or something like

Also, I don't see the problem really? Why can't it just start recording again if
i go into the the recording page, and select "Single recording"?

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 Oscar                            mailto:oscar.carlsson at home.se

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