[mythtv] Another scheduler bug I think

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Wed Mar 10 17:43:17 EST 2004

Oscar Carlsson wrote:
> Hello Development,
>   Haven't got time to write this down really so it'll be short:
>   Was recording like this:
>   Show 1 19:00-20:30 Channel 3 Tuner 1
>   Show 2 20:00-21:00 Channel 5 Tuner 2
>   I've got a 5 minute postroll. At 20:32 I tried to start a recording on Channel
>   3 via MythWeb, but it got marked in red saying: "Another program with a higher
>   recording priority will be recorded".

Can I assume that you mean 300 seconds of post-roll for everything
and not 5 minutes end late time for 19:00 show on channel 3? If so,
this would seem like the expected behavior. If the scheduled time
to end is 20:30 and there is nothing scheduled after it at that time,
the recorder would start the 300 seconds of post-roll. Once the
recorder has started doing this, I don't think there is any provision
to truncate it in the middle. At 20:32 the scheduler finds that both
tuners are busy. You could "stop recording" on the show in postroll
then add your new show but I guess that you're really requesting that
post-roll time should be interrupted =).

>   I  then stopped Show 1 and entered LiveTV to watch it instead (it didn't start
>   recording then either).
>   Is that enough?

I think so. I'd test it to verify if I didn't already believe that
you description is spot on.

--  bjm

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