[mythtv] Strange scheduler bug

J. Donavan Stanley jdonavan at jdonavan.net
Tue Mar 9 19:39:20 EST 2004

Bruce Markey wrote:

> Careful. Let's say the system marks things as "watched" if it
> has been accessed beyond the 5 minute mark as you suggest. Your
> disks have been full for a while and it has been dutifully auto-
> expiring the watched files before touching the unwatched files.
> In fact, there are none of these left. Your wife starts watching
> this week's Trading Spaces shortly before you come home but saves
> a bookmark when it is time to get your slippers, pipe, and
> newspaper and start cooking your dinner. While she's cooking,
> your Monday Night Football starts to record. Space has to cleared
> so the already watched "Trading Spaces" is deleted while that
> Munster's Halloween Marathon remains in tact.
You keep using these "marked as watched by accident" arguments.  Let me 
ask you, would YOU consider a show watched after 5 minutes?  I'll bet 
your answer is no.  So why would the system.  I would think that the 
default threshold would be something like 95% (off the top of my head).  
And that can easily be tunable.

Besides that, if you look back I originally proposed giving watched 
programs a time boost (which could be tunable).  specifically with the 
above scenario in mind.  It would give them preference. But would 
prevent the oddball case you presented.

> As I've said before, it seems to me that when something is watched
> but not deleted it is still there for a reason. It is likely to be
> something that the users is more interested in than a show that has
> not been accessed. I don't know why the opposite is assumed
> other than using the word "watched" makes it sound like the system
> knows that you must not need it any more (but then the words "black
> hole" sounds like something you can jump through ;-).

An I contend that if there's a show I've recorded I've recorded it for a 
reason, if I've recorded it I intend to watch it at some point I just 
might not get around to it in time.

> I don't see a reason that watched or unwatched is useful in deciding
> an order of preference for auto-deletion. Therefore, I'd see adding
> code to mark things as watched, code to determine the order of
> deletion and an option for the users to consider are all creeping
> featurism.

*sigh* everyone of your message has boiled down to "I don't like this, I 
wouldn't use it, therefore it sucks".  You've not given a single example 
of why either the original idea or the watched flag is  bad idea beyond 
the fact that you wouldn't use it and a handful of contrived doomsday 

There are already several features that I find useless, that doesn't 
make them bad it just means that I don't use them.   But hey, you know 
what it really doesn't matter. We're all free to disagree, we're all 
free to put whatever the heck we want into our source and share with 
others who DO agree with us.  So I guess it all boils down "Here's a 
patch if you like it include it. If your don't oh well, I'm still going 
to use it."

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