Solved: [mythtv] Mythtv-0.14: videoout_xv.o compile error

Jon Whitear mythtv at
Tue Mar 9 18:50:40 EST 2004

> It has been mentioned before that you should not at all include the path
> of
> the linux-2.6 kernel include tree, that is private to the kernel. Either
> copy
> the files under include/linux/dvb to another directory structure with
> linux/dvb in it, and point mythtv to that. Or download the latest linuxtv
> driver package, and point mythtv to the include dir in there.

Thanks Kenneth, that worked - I copied the dvb drivers from my kernel
source tree to another location, and inlcuded them from there. Once I'd
done that, MythTV compiled successfully.

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