[mythtv] DVB-T & AC3

mian mythtv at mian.net.au
Mon Mar 8 17:23:31 EST 2004


I was just wondering if anyone has managed to get DVB and AC3 working so
the stream is passed through directly to the decoder via soundcard SPDIF?
I tried most of yesterday and Xine works fine with its passthru (digital
light on receiver lights up so that helps aid), but the best I could get
out of DVB-T when using the AC3 pids as audio pids was robotic like
distorted sound (and no digital light anyway).  I'm not actually sure the
code is currently setup for it either as the audio pids seem to get
corrected to AUDIO_STREAM_S(0xC0) + i where as AC3 streams are apparently
meant to be in PRIVATE_STREAM1(0xBD).


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