[mythtv] Strange scheduler bug

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Mon Mar 8 23:39:08 EST 2004

> > We'd need a "watched" flag for that to work well...
> I don't see any benefit in that. The Auto Expire flag can be
> flipped off if you've watched something and decided to keep it
> If you watch something and decide to keep it but then let it
> auto-expire doesn't make much sense. After I watch something I
> either delete it or I flip off auto-expire and move it to a "Keep"
> recording group. Everything else is unwatched.

I was thinking a 'watched' indicator could eventually have other
functionality such as indicating who had watched a show so even if there
was a watched indicator, a field might not be the way to go.  I think
having some form of 'watched' check might be better than removing
the oldrecording entry because there are some shows that I might want
to rerecord (if I didn't watch them the first time I might not watch
them the 2nd time they record).  'Watched' could also be used as another
auto-expire sorting type, where right now the only option is delete
oldest first, you'd have the ability to delete the watched files first
(by date order still) then the unwatched files (by date).

> > Hmmm, with a watched flag you could change the the auto expire so that 
> > watched recordings were a week older than they really are.  That way 
> > unwatched recordings could get a priority boost.
> I don't get it. When the disks fill up would you want to expire
> things that you watched but didn't delete because, presumably,

I agree here, the week offset wouldn't make sense, I'd just give the user
another way to order the auto-expire list using the above mentioned method.

> Either you watch something or you don't. You delete it or you
> don't. The question is if you don't delete something until it
> auto-expires, should the system re-record it in the future. I
> suspect the answer won't be the same for everyone.

I think an setting on the auto-expire page would be good here as mentioned
in my other email (the one I sent just a minute ago since I'm catching up
on emails tonight). :)  Could be a 2-state setting "Remove oldrecorded
history when auto-expiring a program" (true/false) or a 3-state which
also gives the option of "only if recording has been watched" and later
that could even be expanded to "only if watched by everyone wanting to
watch it" if/when we make Myth multi-user aware.



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