[mythtv] Strange scheduler bug

J. Donavan Stanley jdonavan at jdonavan.net
Mon Mar 8 16:10:35 EST 2004

Bruce Markey wrote:

> It still could always add to oldrecorded as soon as something
> records but auto-expired could remove the oldrecorded entry when
> something expires. This would probably need to be an option
> because some people may see it as they never bothered to watch it
> this time so why should they record it again. Others may see it as
> I'm out if disk space for now but I haven't seen it so I may want
> to watch it the next time.

We'd need a "watched" flag for that to work well...

Hmmm, with a watched flag you could change the the auto expire so that 
watched recordings were a week older than they really are.  That way 
unwatched recordings could get a priority boost.

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