[mythtv] Additional video out

Juha Pahkala juhis at trinity.is-a-geek.com
Mon Mar 8 09:40:27 EST 2004

I, for one, think that it would be a great idea to have some sort of api
for different kinds of plugins in mythtv. That way, it would be possible
to take advantage of other open source projects (sort of like ffmpeg, I
know =))

For example, there is library called libsoftmpeg being developed at
www.linuxtv.org, aimed at bringing top-notch mpeg2 decoding and output to
xv and directfb. Of course it's in its infancy atm, but once usable, could
pretty much be a perfect solution for lots of mythtv users with DVB or
HDTV cards. And as I understand, the library will be used by other PVR
projects as well. And once somebody possibly adds hw decoding or advanced
post-processing algorithms to it, they would automatically propagate to
all projects using the library. Wouldn't that make sense?

of course just my 0.02, don't know what it would take to implement such
an api and probably slightly frustrated after trying to make mythtv work
with directfb output for a month and not succeeding ;) btw, is anybody
maintaining the directfb port anymore?

best regards, juhis

Hamish Moffatt said:
> On Mon, Mar 08, 2004 at 08:05:06AM +0000, Simon at the Threshold wrote:
>> I'm in a situation where my mythfrontend falls over when playing back or
>> watching tv from my nova-t dvb-t cards where a stream error occurs.
>> Whilst I'm quite glad the backend rarely falls over when this happens
>> (unless the channel cannot be locked) I've not had much joy in my
>> attempts at fixing this in the frontend.  Although as a workaround I use
>> xine to playback the nuv files without problem (well ok a few flashes on
>> the screen) but it survives.
>> I was wondering what would the be technical chalenges implementing a
>> xine-lib/mythtv video-out/audio-out module?.  I've had a look at some
>> existing videoout classes and they don't appear to be rocket science but
>>  I'm not sure from my code-surf how mythtv does its audio?
> Simon,
> I think fixing the decoder bugs is a better goal. Kenneth recently
> posted some patches for the mpeg decoder which may well help with the
> problem you are describing.
> BTW, does anyone have any experience with high definition TV on Myth
> (ie high-level MPEG)? I get nonstop errors from the decoder in the
> frontend trying to watch it. I don't know if that's because it's having
> problems with the sound (AC3 only, but I'm not using the AC3 passthrough
> yet).
> Hamish
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