[mythtv] Mythburn and reading out resolution of a recorded movie

Michael Hanselmann mythtv at infotech.li
Fri Mar 5 10:55:53 EST 2004


> I'm currently working on a plugin called "mythburn" which is able to 
> burn files [...]
 > [...]
> PS: If anyone wants to take look at the (at the moment very incomplete) 
> plugin, please mail me via PM.

Someone (Brent Hills) wanted the source, but i was unable to mail him 
back. (crappy mailserver here). So I've put it online at 
http://dugong.forkbomb.ch/mythburn/, so everyone can download it. It's 
very incomplete by now.
It compiles with CVS of today and only the transcoding to DivX works by now.


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