[mythtv] bttv recordings run fast

mian mythtv at mian.net.au
Fri Mar 5 18:48:28 EST 2004

Do you have the Skip btaudio option in mythsetup on or off for that card
and have you tried using the opposite option if so.

> I upgraded to cvs on 3/2/04 from cvs from early March and every recording
> on bttv card since then plays very fast.  The recording starts out playing
> normally for the first few seconds and then everything speeds up by a
> significant amount making it impossible to follow. Recordings from my
> PVR-250 card was unaffected.  The PVR-250 mpeg2 files are automatically
> transcoded to mpeg4, while the bttv are recorded in mpeg4 and not
> transcoded.  I can view the files in windows using the ds filters and the
> files play fine.  I'm using the 0.7.x series of bttv drivers.
> Is there anything that I can provide that can help track down this issue?
> The WAF dropped considerably after it happened the second time to a show
> she wanted to see.  I got lucky by finding it would work on the windows
> box.
> Thanks,
> Bob
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