[mythtv] HUGE Problem with: mythencode.pl I know how to fix

novamail at novanix.com novamail at novanix.com
Thu Mar 4 21:35:50 EST 2004

about: mythencode.pl 
Sorry, I do not know how to patch, but this is a small bug but one that is causing a major problem with two pass encoding. 

The short version:
change exec to system on the two pass encoding.

The reason why:
exec replaces the current process with whatever you exec, basically if you do an exec command your code exits after it runs whatever, this means it never gets to the next exec command to do the second pass.  

This should result in VERY VERY great significant quality improvement:)  It is worse than just doing 1 pass as this is basically 1/2 of the job that you are getting, colors are a lot better now too:)  

Should make some people happy!

Nick Daum

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