[mythtv] Myth Backend Monitor

Edward Allen edward.allen at whiterunkle.com
Wed Mar 3 19:16:40 EST 2004

I have written a small perl program that checks to see if mythbackend 
is running properly once every minute.  It connects to the backend and 
grabs a schedule.  If the connection times out or if the scheduler is 
blank, it assumes that something is wrong.  If it fails 3 times in a 
row, it restarts the backened.

It is designed to run using DJB's daemontools 
(http://cr.yp.to/daemontools.html).  It assumes mythtv is also running 
under daemontools.

I feel sort of dirty writing this (the backend should not be that 
unstable), but it seems to work. Some areas of this script can use 
revision. For example, it currently uses curl to grab the status (if 
you ask it to).  Any comments would be more than welcome.  I am not a 
full-time programmer!

Also, at the end of the script is an early draft of MythTV.pm, a module 
for working with MythTV.

If there is interest in this script or MythTV.pm, please let me know.


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