[mythtv] editing and incorrectly "skipping" to the first frame

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Wed Mar 3 16:39:04 EST 2004

I've noticed a lot of times that myth has issues in the editing mode,
where if it finds something wrong(?) it will skip the editing cursor
back to the first frame, or skip forward/backward a certain number of
frames, creating a loop.

I'm curious as to if anyone knows what causes these errors, and if there
has been any luck in resolving them.  It seems to me that skipping back
to the first frame is a big problem (huge annoyance if you're editing
the last cut point in an hour+ long show, esp if some of the cut points
along the way ALSO cause this error).

If there's no "good" fix on the horizon, would it be possible to
implement a quick fix, such that if you're scanning forward to find a
point, and there's an error, it keeps trying to move forward until it
finds a "good" frame, rather than resetting?   Or maybe the error is
such that this hasn't been possible.

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