[mythtv] Slow MythMusic (and likely other slow list building) problem solved

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Tue Mar 2 17:19:42 EST 2004

Ed Benckert wrote:
> Right as always? What the hell is wrong with you people. I said I cant 
> find it, not that its not there. I've been posting to this list for one 
> frigging day, and I'm "right as always"
> Thats interesting.
> A whole lot of people here are taking severe personal offense to stuff 
> for no apparent reason.
> I'm now quite sorry I ever opened my mouth, and I'll be sure to keep it 
> shut in the future. Any other problems I fix in the code, I'll be sure 
> to keep my mouth shut about that too. I seriosuly didnt know I needed to 
> watch my words and keep political correctness in mind when posting to a 
> bunch of developers here.

You really need to take a look in the mirror to find where these
problems are coming from ;-). Re-read your messages after you've
taken your medication. You may find the source of "severe personal
offense to stuff for no apparent reason" =).

--  bjm

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