[mythtv] Slow MythMusic (and likely other slow list building)problem solved

Paul Koster mythtv at kosteronline.net
Tue Mar 2 16:14:11 EST 2004

> It's at:
> http://www.ebonmists.com/mythmusic-0.14-fixed_loadtime.patch
> Feel free to apply it yerselves, and if I figure out (or someone tells me
> how to) I'll send the patch up to where it needs to 'offically' be.

I applied the patch without any problem against my CVS version. It indeed
seems to speedup things (even for my low amount of items). I'm a bit in
doubt however if code that uses global variables should be used here, but
that's upto the maintainers (didn't see an obvious suitable class to include
it either).

I've attached a repackaged patch against current CVS.

I also attached a patch I've lying around to swap the 'Play Music' and
'Select Music' buttons to make navigation more convenient (assuming one uses
'Play Music' more often and therefore wants to have it the default

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