[mythtv] Playing AAC music (.m4a) in MythMusic

ebike at paradise.net.nz ebike at paradise.net.nz
Tue Mar 2 14:32:39 EST 2004

Is it possible to play some of my imported iTunes music (AAC) with MythMusic.

I have put them into the same directory structure together with my mps's and ogg 
files, however a directory scan does not even list them in MythMusic.

Mplayer can play them fine, it uses the faad lib. Any chance of MythMusic 
supporting .m4a by using this lib?

In the interim, is there a linux utiliy/lib that can convert .m4a into ogg, it's 
not something I really want to do though .. more losses etc. I suspect ffmpeg 
can do it, but can't find the correct parameters.

Many Thanks,
Bernard Mentink

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