[mythtv] links and features

Marcos Pinto markybob at capitolcreag.com
Mon Jun 28 15:15:58 EDT 2004

first off, i dont know if the web developer reads this or not, but
there's a broken link in
"http://www.mythtv.org/modules.php?name=MythInfo".  the "cheap tv turner
card" link is no longer active.  for that matter, i couldnt reach the
NuppelVideo link, either, but that could've been due to the fact that my
cable company sucks ass.  i cant even reach debian.org half the time
because routing issues.  anyway...
this looks like a great app so far from what i've seen.  here are a
couple of questions that i hope someone out there can answer for me.  
for high quality recording, what's roughly the hours per MB ratio?  
in mythdvd, is there any work being done to allow users to not only copy
the dvd to the hd, but to also(instead) make a backup to another dvd?  
in mythmusic, is there any work being done to allow the user to burn a
music cd?  
umm...i guess that's it for now.  thanks for your time

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