[mythtv] Bug ?

Tako Schotanus quintesse at palacio-cristal.com
Wed Jun 23 08:24:08 EDT 2004

K.R. Foley wrote:

> David wrote:
>> Actually Nicolas I said the *ivtv* dev list :)
>> This is the MythTV development list - not quite the same thing.
>> There is a link on that page I pointed you at.
>> And if that was with 95h then Chris would probably want to see your 
>> debug messages even if you then switch to a more stable release for 
>> the time being.
>> (and FWIW I usually point people at #71d since that works for me)
>> David
>> Nicolas Strina wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> In fact someone told me (on mythtv user ml) to come here to post the 
>>> problem ;)
>>> So let's try with your version.
>>> Cu,
>>> Nicolas
> FWIW, I am still using ivtv-0.1.9 when I want stability, with great 
> success. Although I sometimes have problems with the encoder not 
> working after a cold boot and have to warm boot once or twice, the 
> driver is rock solid once loaded properly (runs for weeks without any 
> problems, no hangs, slowdowns or other problems, even using OSD 
> stuff). I am not sure that a newbie should be starting with any of the 
> development versions.
Well, that depends a bit, from my own experience with 0.1.9 I would have 
agreed with you up to a couple of weeks ago.... until I bought my second 
PVR250 that is, that's when I noticed that the 0.1.9 really doesn't 
handle 2 or more cards very well. It would always lock up my system a 
few minutes after having started a second recording.

So yes, try 0.1.9 first and if that work for you just stay with it, 
otherwise try one of the 0.1.10pre2 ones that people recommend on the list.


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