[mythtv] Bug ?

Rudy Zijlstra mythtv at edsons.demon.nl
Wed Jun 23 09:06:36 EDT 2004

K.R. Foley wrote:

> David wrote:
>> Actually Nicolas I said the *ivtv* dev list :)
>> This is the MythTV development list - not quite the same thing.
> FWIW, I am still using ivtv-0.1.9 when I want stability, with great 
> success. Although I sometimes have problems with the encoder not 
> working after a cold boot and have to warm boot once or twice, the 
> driver is rock solid once loaded properly (runs for weeks without any 
> problems, no hangs, slowdowns or other problems, even using OSD 
> stuff). I am not sure that a newbie should be starting with any of the 
> development versions.
> kr

If - repeat IF it works.... yes.

On my 350 I am running a patched 0.1.9-ck version, which is quit stable. 
Yet it is a patch (for PAL) on a ck-vbi-28-osdstream. That system is 
using a 2.4 kernel, and plain 0.1.9 was impossible to get something out 
of. It was very consistently and stably showing no usable video...
On the 250 in the master backend, its kernel 2.6, so 0.1.9 is 
impossible. Thats version pre2-ck07D. And rather stable. Runs for weeks 
without problems.
Kernel 2.4 is not possible on that HW, it includes a number of SATA disks.

So your mileage may vary, as usual.


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