[mythtv] [ANNOUNCE] torrentocracy = rss + bit torrent + myth

Matt Zimmerman mdz at debian.org
Tue Jun 22 01:38:53 EDT 2004

On Mon, Jun 21, 2004 at 10:03:39PM -0700, Dan Conti wrote:

> I would like to mention that, in the past, people developing plugins for
> myth have demonstrated the courtesy of discussing their project with other
> developers prior to writing it; this has served three purposes:
> 1) avoids duplicate work of a similar or same effort is already underway
> 2) helps to recruit other potentially interested developers
> 3) helps to gauge interest and potentially weed out projects that will never
> be incorporated
> There have been other plugins that people have stopped developing before
> they started based on this sort of feedback. This is hard to do when you
> take the liberty of announcing your plugin to slashdot readers prior to
> getting feedback from the other developers on the project. You might want to
> consider that you slighted a few folks, at least two of which are
> unappreciative of what you've done with their work, by not demonstrating
> this relatively normal courtesy.

No one is under any obligation to have their MythTV plugin approved by
anyone, and so there's no reason to disparage anyone for not doing so.
That's part of the "free" bit in "free software".

On the other hand, posting a Slashdot story linking to someone's website
without asking them is not very respectful; some folks have to pay for
bandwidth, and many would appreciate the opportunity to confirm what is
about to be published about them.

 - mdz

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