[mythtv] [ANNOUNCE] torrentocracy = rss + bit torrent + myth

Dan Conti dconti at acm.wwu.edu
Tue Jun 22 01:03:39 EDT 2004

I would like to mention that, in the past, people developing plugins for
myth have demonstrated the courtesy of discussing their project with other
developers prior to writing it; this has served three purposes:

1) avoids duplicate work of a similar or same effort is already underway
2) helps to recruit other potentially interested developers
3) helps to gauge interest and potentially weed out projects that will never
be incorporated

There have been other plugins that people have stopped developing before
they started based on this sort of feedback. This is hard to do when you
take the liberty of announcing your plugin to slashdot readers prior to
getting feedback from the other developers on the project. You might want to
consider that you slighted a few folks, at least two of which are
unappreciative of what you've done with their work, by not demonstrating
this relatively normal courtesy.

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> Isaac, I'd like to work this out with you.  Given my stance on only
> including legal torrents, I don't think there should be anything to
> worry about.  At least, any more than worrying about getting sued by
> some broadcaster for allowing people to "steal" tv because myth allows
> people to automatically skip over commercials.
> Gary
> > On Thursday 17 June 2004 03:04 pm, Gary Lerhaupt wrote:
> > > I have taken Renchi Raju's mythnews plugin, revamped the GUI
> > > (borrowing from mythweather, adding a second page), and added
> > > enclosure parsing/downloading to enable bit torrent downloads from
> > > Myth.  I am calling this project Torrentocracy.
> >
> > If you can think of a _better_ way to get this project shut down,
> I'd be
> > interested in hearing it.  Thanks for the Slashdot story, too.  Now
> Myth is
> > going to be associated with illegal p2p crap for anyone who read it.
> >
> > Isaac
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