[mythtv] [PATCH] Specify aspect ratio cycle

Ben de Luca (bedel) bend at bedel.mine.nu
Tue Jun 8 08:25:27 EDT 2004

Hi Isaac,
	I am trying to make the case for this option, I use an dvb card and a 
analogue card (my tv is 4:3) . When I am using the dvb card for 
recording the material I am watching is in either in 16:9 or 16:9 Zoom.
	When watching a recording I can just leave it locked in on one and its 
good, some times I might switch to see a wide screen promo for some 
thing in an add break (I have never the add-skipping 100%). However 
when I am watching Live TV I have to swap a lot more often, different 
programs are in different formats.
	By and large the most pressed Keys on my system are the directional 
buttons and then the change aspect button. When I compare the other 
selections in the menu I see that these are for options that are used 
very infrequently. They are settings you want to use whilst you are 
watching tv but they are not the sort of options I use 30 times an 
	I don't think this patch is the best solution for the problem but I am 
glad some one is looking at it, for me this would be a definite 
improvement, only problem I have is that with the mix of the cards I 
have some apect ratios are used on some and some not on others. One 
point against using the menu is that when zoomed I can't see a 
considerable part of the menu.


  Some programs have blank coloured bars down the vertical edges  of 
display. Detecting black would fail in these cases.

On 08/06/2004, at 2:27 PM, Isaac Richards wrote:

> On Tuesday 08 June 2004 12:03 am, Craig Rindy wrote:
>> Using the menu on my system requires me to press the down key four 
>> times,
>> followed by the right key, then up to four more presses of the down 
>> key,
>> one press of the select key, and finally the cancel key.  The menu is
>> useful for accessing the features for which you don't have a remote 
>> button
>> or if you're curious about what features are available, because these 
>> are
>> the only times when you don't mind pressing eleven buttons when you 
>> could
>> be pressing one.  Given that the W key exists particularly to cycle 
>> through
>> modes and that most users don't have a use for at least two of those 
>> modes,
>> I think this feature is desirable.  The modes and corresponding 
>> enumerative
>> values could be listed in the help, and the user could enter a series 
>> of
>> numbers instead of names.  However, this is a setup preference, and
>> precedent has been set for an ordered series of values in the entry of
>> custom filters.  At least with the proposed mode selection setting, 
>> the
>> list of possible values are listed in the on-screen help.
>> My humble opinion is that this is a useful and user-friendly feature, 
>> but,
>> Isaac, your opinion is what's important here, and I'm interested in 
>> hearing
>> it.  Does an acceptable setup interface exist, or is this feature
>> considered altogether absurd?
> It's an extra setting with a complicated setup that duplicates existing
> functionality.  It doesn't need to exist.  Nothing that anyone's said 
> has
> been anything more than "I'm too lazy to press a button 2 extra 
> times", so...
> I strongly feel that there are way too many useless (and confusing) 
> settings
> as is, and I don't really want to add another one.
> Isaac
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