[mythtv] Built in DVB epg support

John Pullan jmp at tarantella.com
Thu Jul 29 12:45:22 EDT 2004

	Since the UK now has a full 7 day epg guide I'm considering trying to
implement a built in provider for it. Anyway before I dive in, I thought
I'd ask a question and put forward my ideas.

First off, is anyone already implementing this ?

My idea was to have a two stage approach to update the EPG. 

One strand of the process would update the EPG on the currently tuned
channel. Probably only now/next information and also maybe that days
data. There is also the possibility of picking up the event changed
information to cope with overrunning programs etc.

The second strand of the idea, would be to update the channels by
visiting each channel and collecting the data for each one (I believe
vdr does this). It would need to do this when the master server was idle
(more accurately when the dvb tuners where idle) so some interaction
with the scheduler would be required.

Does this basically sound correct ?
(Coding schedule is of course dependent on how rainy it is :-)

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