[mythtv] vps once again...

maestro waggawagga at gmx.net
Tue Jul 27 15:06:47 EDT 2004

Am Son, den 25.07.2004 schrieb Kenneth Aafl°y um 01:20:
> Don't know if you noticed, but the vbidec.cpp of my new experimental dvb patch 
> has a stub for vps decoding, have a look at line 578, and give me a word if 
> you want info or help decoding it.
> Kenneth

ok so i downloaded your patch and applied it to current cvs. then i
started to inspect the vbidec.cpp file as you mentioned.
i'd really like to get the vps feature going and vps decoding is done
allready in the vbi.c example programm that comes with newer
ivtv-drivers. (i'm using ck100b) but i cannot see the correlation
between these two pieces of code. 

as far as i can reconstruct <please correct me if i'm wrong>
some piece of code calls the processPesPkt method of a vbidecoder object
where the uint8_t *buf parameter contains the actual vbi data provided
by the/any driver (that has vbi support ivtv > 0.1.9, bttv...)
uppon that the buffer is sanity-checked and processPesPktData is called
that constructs a teletext-page out of the buf.
am i getting this right? 

to implement vps support, would it be the best/correct way to create a
new class (maybe VpsInfo, like TeletextPage) that holds current vps data
for the current channel, and add a method (like in vbi.c from ivtv
driver) that extracts readable/usable data from the buf that is provided
by the calling piece of code.

once again, i really want to do this, and if you would help me getting a
start with it, it would for sure be much easier for me to do. 
i run this email-exchange to enlarge my knowledge about mythtv (which i
think is a great project btw) so please feel free and do correct me if i
got anything/everything wrong.

so long

p.s. please excuse my bad english, i'm a not a native english speaker,
but trying my best.

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