[mythtv] vps once again...

maestro waggawagga at gmx.net
Sun Jul 25 15:17:29 EDT 2004

> Don't know if you noticed, but the vbidec.cpp of my new experimental dvb patch 
> has a stub for vps decoding, have a look at line 578, and give me a word if 
> you want info or help decoding it.

sorry for not answering quicker, i just installed a new ivtv driver
where vps is supported (using ck100b like michael does) and inspected
the vbi sample program.
any additional info to your code is greatly appreciated as i think it
enhances the likelyhood of the stuff i'm trying to do getting applied to
mythtv one day, when it's done in a similar way as someone else did.

i'll try to take a look at your code this evening, so i have a base of

so long & thanks

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