[mythtv] OSD flicker

Nick Hall mythtv-dev at nickh.net
Mon Jul 26 19:04:49 EDT 2004


When resuming a paused 'live tv' session, the OSD seems to flicker quite 
a lot if you happen to unpause it at the wrong moment - if the playback 
is resumed right on a second boundary (or close), the code which 
recalculates the 'number of seconds behind' count, can cause the OSD to 
flicker between 'X seconds remaining' and 'X-1 seconds remaining' for a 
short while.

I'm not that familiar with the code, but at tv_play.cpp:1116, there 
appears to be a loop counter check which appears to determine when to 
update the OSD - it's currently set to '20' - increasing this to (e.g.) 
100 seems to make the flicker less severe.  Does changing this 
potentially impact anything else?

I'm running on a EPIA MII 12000/PVR350, latest myth CVS, ivtv ck100i - 
have checked the lists but couldn't see anything obvious.


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