[mythtv] imdb movie info lookup

Steven mythmail at richardstraat.homedns.org
Mon Jul 26 09:26:45 EDT 2004


One of the nice things in mythweb imho is the possibility to link trough 
to imdb to get more information on a movie (probably because guideinfo 
is very limited here). I would like to add this to mythfrontend so that 
you could lookup a movie from the program guide to see if it's worth 
recording or not.

I see two ways to do this :

- call mythbrowser with an imdb link like mythnews does for website 
related to the newsmessage

- re-use the imdb script and interface from mythvideo to get the info 
and layout the data in a propper myth screen

What would you prefer? The first option you have the possibility to link 
trough to actors, director etc... The 2nd option would be more 
integrated but also more work.

An other question is how to access the info. At the moment the "i" 
button is already used to set recording options in the program guide. 
Maybe the "m" button?

What do you all think? Anyone else see use for this? And before I put in 
the effort, is there a chance this will be included if it's finished?


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