[mythtv] imdb movie info lookup

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Mon Jul 26 09:40:14 EDT 2004

Steven wrote:

> Hi,
> One of the nice things in mythweb imho is the possibility to link 
> trough to imdb to get more information on a movie (probably because 
> guideinfo is very limited here). I would like to add this to 
> mythfrontend so that you could lookup a movie from the program guide 
> to see if it's worth recording or not.
> I see two ways to do this :
> - call mythbrowser with an imdb link like mythnews does for website 
> related to the newsmessage
> - re-use the imdb script and interface from mythvideo to get the info 
> and layout the data in a propper myth screen
> What would you prefer? The first option you have the possibility to 
> link trough to actors, director etc... The 2nd option would be more 
> integrated but also more work.
> An other question is how to access the info. At the moment the "i" 
> button is already used to set recording options in the program guide. 
> Maybe the "m" button?
> What do you all think? Anyone else see use for this? And before I put 
> in the effort, is there a chance this will be included if it's finished?

I like the idea of the integrated option as it doesn't take you out of 
the programming guide to see the data.  As for the keybinding, I've 
thought for a long time there should be some kind of pop-up menu 
(similar to what happens when you press INFO in the Watch Recordings 
Screen) for the guide that offers choices like (record/edit recording 
schedule, tune this channel, find all episodes, etc.) and your IMDB 
lookup could be included there.  I'm not sure how others feel about such 
a pop-up idea...


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