[mythtv] MythMusic: shuffle in All Music necessary?

Tako Schotanus quintesse at palacio-cristal.com
Mon Jul 26 06:43:50 EDT 2004

I've always got the ordering of the songs in the playback screen of 
MythMusic set to show them as they will be played so I can see what's 
coming next, but sometimes when somebody wants to hear a specific album 
or song I will browse to the All Music entry and select the album from 
there. The problem is that the All Music list is shuffled as well just 
like the playlists. I was wondering, is there a specific reason why this 
could be considered useful? Because personally I would think it best if 
the All Music was always ordered alphabetically, wouldn't it?

Now I understand completely if this was done because it was the simplest 
way to implement it, my question is (still) purely hypothetical and I 
just want to know if there are more people who think that it would be a 
good idea. Or maybe could just explain why it would be a bad idea :-)


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