[mythtv] Anyone feel like fixing mythgame?

Allen Rohner ninjarohner at gmail.com
Fri Jul 23 11:56:56 EDT 2004

> You're both right.  Pressing MENU when a game *system* (i.e., MAME) is
> selected lets you specify default settings for all games in that
> system.  Pressing MENU when an individual game is selected allows you
> to override the default settings on a per-game basis.

Ok, that helps. I didn't know about either option so I was a little confused. 

I looked at the xmame .84 broken stuff last night. Just in case anyone
is curious, mame had a flag called -listinfo which dumped a list of
all supported roms. In .84 they dropped support for the old output
format, and replaced it with XML, so there's a new option, -listxml.
All that has to be done is replace the old parsing in mamehandler.cpp
with XML parsing. I can work on that code over the weekend.


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